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                     Selecting Interventions and            
                     Strategies Guide
Understanding the Target
Population Workbook


getting to know your target population                                  planning and preparing for implementation                         From Survival Icon

Getting to Know your Target                   
Planning and Preparing for 
An Introduction to Managed
Care Contracting


 How To Bill Icon                            How To Support Icon                            ACA Preventive Services Icon


How to Bill and Collect
for HIV Preventive Services                   
How to Support Preventive
Coding and Billing Ressource


Icon Patient Navigation                         Promising program series routine hiv testing icon                                   promising program series prevention for positives icon

Promising Program Series:
Patient Navigation for Linkage
& Retention in HIV Care
Promising Program Series:
Routine HIV Testing in Healthcare
Settings - Findings from Project HAT
Promising Program Series:
Prevention for Positives