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                         selecting interventions and strategies                         understaning the target population wkbk

                       Selecting Interventions and         
                       Strategies Guide
Understanding the Target
Population Workbook


getting to know your target population                                  planning and preparing for implementation                         From Survival Icon

Getting to Know your Target                   
Planning and Preparing for 
An Introduction to Managed
Care Contracting


 How To Bill Icon                            How To Support Icon                            ACA Preventive Services Icon


How to Bill and Collect
for HIV Preventive Services                   
How to Support Preventive
Coding and Billing Ressource


Promising program series patient navigation icon                           Promising program series routine hiv testing icon                              promising program series prevention for positives icon

Promising Program Series:
Patient Navigation for Linkage
& Retention in HIV Care

Promising Program Series:
Routine HIV Testing in Healthcare
Settings - Findings from Project HAT

Promising Program Series:
Prevention for Positives 

Practical Interventions to Integrate into Clinical Settings

social networks for hiv testing and services                             enhanced outreach                             motivational interviewing

Social Networks for HIV
Testing & Services                         

Enhanced Outreach Guide                

Motivational Interviewing (MI)


harm reduction                           early alert-rapid response                           partnership for health

Harm Reduction                          

Early Alert/Rapid Response:
Responding to Red Flags   

Partnership for Health

focus on the future                           patient navigation

Focus on the Future                          Patient Navigation

Tools & Job Aids

open-ended questions                                                                              

Designing Client-centered Service Plans:
How to Address Barriers & Risk Factors
with Open-ended Questions                  


cba september info brief Icon HIVHepatitis PrEP info brief icon
Acute HIV Infection HIV and HVC Co-Infection PrEP for Healthcare Providers
Icon CBA infobrief BioMED Icon Syphilis InfoBrief medical adherence info brief icon
Integration of Biomedical
Behavioral Interventions for
HIV Prevention
Preventing Congenital Syphilis HIV and Medication Adherence
Icon AfricanamericanwomenandPrEP Icon HIVmedadherence InfoBrief promising Practices info brief icon
African American Women and PrEP HIV and Medication Adherence
Competency Tool
Promising Practices: PrEP in
HIV Clinics
Icon HIV Drug resistance Icon Routine HIV testing Icon Opioid Use
 HIV Drug Resistance  Routine HIV Testing in Clinical Settings
Opioid Use and HIV Prevention 
among People who Inject Drugs
                      Icon HIV prevention info brief    
                    HIV Prevention through Surveillance and Primary Care

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Clinicial Consultation Center - PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis